• Bitcoin BTC Bitcoin BTC - $ %
  • Ethereum Ethereum - $ %
  • ZCash ZCash - $ %
  • Bitcoin BCH Bitcoin BCH - $ %
  • Litecoin Litecoin - $ %
  • EOS EOS - $ %
  • Cardano Cardano - $ %
  • Stellar Stellar - $ %
  • NEO NEO - $ %
  • Monero Monero - $ %
  • DWE DWE - $ 0 304.64%
  • IOTA IOTA - $ %
  • Dash Dash - $ %

Who Is Digital World Exchange?

Make Digital Currencies Usable For Businesses

DWE will be The Leader In Digital Asset Security in 2018

Launched first multi-signature security service in 2013

We expect to processes $10 Billion USD each month with Digital World Exchange platform

Digital World Exchange will process over 15% of On-Chain transactions every month

Digital World Exchange will be the World’s largest enterprise services provider for digital currencies

Both Public and Private Blockchain Platforms

Digital World Exchange offers wallets for the following assets:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • NEO (NEO)
  • Cardona (ADA)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Dash (DASH)

Direct Blockchain Payments Card

Digital World Exchange

Value Proposition & Technology


Built using state-of-the-art multi-sig, encryption & au conforming to the most rigorous industry standards.


Integrate Digital World Exchange APIs, web, or mobile products easily into any application.


Powers the world’s largest digital currency businesses.

Multi-Signature Security 3 Key Management

Secured with Digital World Exchange

Multiple keys protects against single machine compromise or single key losses

Customer Key
  • Generated and stored by the user
  • Used to initiate all transactions

Customer Key
  • Generated and stored by DWE
  • Used to co-sign all transactions

  • Generated offline
  • Stored offline by customer
  • For disaster recovery
Digital World Exchange

Wallets In The Digital World Exchange

Similar to the wallet you currently carry with you to hold cash and credit cards. But instead is used to hold your digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Cardano, Stellar, Monero, DWE, Dash, IOTA, NEO and Litecoin.

Digital World Wallets Offered

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Litecoin

Digital World Exchange Wallet Organizational Roles


One who controls account policies and approvals


Those who can initiate transactions on an account


Users who handle accounting, tax and audit functions

Wallet Policies

To further enhance security, policies can be created by an Administrator to limit the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies into or out of a wallet. There are four types of policies:

  • Transaction Limits:
    Limiting the number of digital tokens that can go out in a transaction.
  • Velocity Limits:
    Defining a maximum number of digital tokens that can go out within a defined period of time (e.g. No more than 10 tokens out in a 15 minute period).
  • Multiple Approvers:
    Defining a maximum quantity of digital tokens that can go out without the approval of a defined number of approvers.
  • Whitelist:
    Limiting the transfer of digital tokens only to a list of approved addresses.

Signing Flow

  • Customer Data Center
    Hot Wallet Sign Transaction
  • Data Center
    • Verify requesting IP
    • Check Policy Limits
    • Verify Hot Key
    • Verify Transaction Contents
    • Verify Destination
    • Addresses
    • Check Dynamic Fraud
    • Filters
    • Confirm wallet not frozen
    • (aka “Big Red Button”)
    • Do Client Callbacks
  • Digital World Exchange
  • Client
    Independent Transaction Verifier (Optional)
  • Client DWE
  • Co-Sign & Send to the P2P network
    for inclusion into the Blockchain

Digital Wallets & Configurations

Start with a Secure, Multi-Sig Hot Wallet

Suggested Security Measures:

  • 1 Enable IP restrictions for sending
  • 2 Enable spending limits to reduce exposure


Isolate Risk with Warm Wallet Configuration

Suggested Security Measures:

  • 1 Restrict Receive Walletto only send to Warm Walletor Cold Wallet
  • 2 Restrict Warm Walletto only send to Cold Walletor Send Wallet
  • 3 Set policy for multiple approvals of all transactions from Warm Wallet to Send Wallet
  • 4 Add a velocity limit policy to Send Wallet
Authorized External Accounts

Authorized External Accounts

Suggested Security Measures:

  • 1 Require strict identity checks to enable external addresses or wallets
  • 2 Enable Warm Walletto send to whitelist of external addresses
  • 3 Enforce per-address (or per customer) spending limits on external addresses
  • 4 Enforce BSA Travel Rule on external withdrawals when appropriate

Digital World Exchange Offline Vault Service (“Cold Storage”)

Generate User Partial Keys

Generate public key & partial keys using the Digital World Exchange Offline Vault.

Create Offline Wallet

Using the Advanced Setup option in our web interface and your newly generate public key, create an offline wallet.

Sign Transaction

Transfer your transaction offline & sign it using your partial keys on an air-gapped computer.

Submit Transaction

Upload your half-signed transaction using our web interface and submit to Digital World Exchange

The Kill Switch

Problem: If an attacker has compromised your system, how do you halt bitcoin withdrawals to prevent theft?
The Kill Switch
  • Protect your assets with the flip of a switch
  • Freeze any wallets under a Digital World Exchange organization so coins can’t be removed
  • Remove freeze with customizable out-of-band authentication

Digital World Exchange Instant

  • 1On-chain, zero confirm, instant transactions between participants Digital world Exchange assured
  • 2Possible due to multi-signature with known location of keys
  • 3Send funds to exchanges and use instantly
  • 4Over 100 companies accept BitGo Instant - Exchanges, trading desks, broker-dealers...

Exchange Engine Customization

Digital World Exchange server needs to be customized to handle cryptocurrency and also integrated with users database. Summary overview of exchange architecture:

Exchange Engine

The engine matches incoming orders, maintain order books & produce outgoing market data (Level3 books, Trades, Summaries).

The following order types supported:

  • Limit (market can be simulated with a guaranteed smallest rate)

The following time-in-force settings supported

  • Limit (market can be simulated with a guaranteed smallest rate)

It is expected that there are no fixed trading sessions (and the exchange operates in 24x7 mode) though short maintenance windows can exist. Target matching latency - less than 50ms for 98% of incoming orders measured request-to-response.

A Secure Blockchain For Digital Assets

An exchange is only as good as its users say it is. Searching posted reviews and popular industry websites are the best methods for discovering an exchange you can trust to do business with. Also, you can ask questions in relevant user forums which will provide excellent insight into other users’ experience with an exchange.

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