is a complete and highly functional digital ecosystem designed to empower our community of global individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to interact safely, quickly and simply. This ecosystem is designed around an SEC-licensed crypto currency exchange that will empower the American and global community to do business safely and securely in the cryptosphere.

Implementing an evolutionary leap in digital business, Digital World Exchange is comprised of six distinct aspects:


  • an SEC-licensed crypto currency exchange
  • its associated crypto currency
  • digital marketplace for goods and services
  • fully functional social media platform
  • affiliate/network marketing
  • education

Our community will be able to buy and sell goods with a wide selection of crypto currencies, trade in a long list of crypto currency pairs, and grow their business/network within the global community. In time there will be an account-linked debit card as well as fiat-crypto purchase. This model will skyrocket Digital World Exchange into the forefront of the global crypto currency community as crypto currencies become more common and accepted around the world.

Digital World Exchange is an elegant blend of the entrepreneurial reach of Amazon with the digital economic functionality of Coinbase.


Digital World Exchange, with its SEC accreditation and in-house, American-made cryptographic security, is as powerful as the world's top digital exchanges. With a fully functional yet simple-to-use interface, the Exchange is intuitive for new users, while catering to the varied needs of expert traders.

DWE's priority is to ensure a safe transaction delivery system to protect the crypto assets and information of our members. We have scrutinized other platforms and improved upon those trade applications. Our mobile and desktop trading apps can be accessed anywhere in the world.

DWE will form solid links between financial institutions, exchanges, and brokers on a single platform designed for low-cost trading and transfer fees. We plan to solicit regulator input into the design of our products and services to produce the best customer experience.

We harness the power of high performance Finex™ service for trading assets, that provides a perfect solution for liquidity, processing up to 20 Million transactions per second and employs a real-time order matching system.

TRADING VIEW provides real-time information and marketing insights. Easy and intuitive for beginners, powerful for advanced traders, Trading View has all the charting tools you need to share and view trading ideas. Real-time data and browser-based charts let you do your research from anywhere.


DWE, An ERC20 utility token, will be the crypto currency attached to the Exchange. This currency will have a coin cap of 65,000,000 to be made available over time as the value of the company rises. The value of the coin will be linked to the value of the company. Upon launch of the marketplace, the crypto currency will be offered at $1.00.

DWE will be listed in major exchanges around the world, and is not limited to use in the Digital World Exchange economy. It can be used as a utility coin by anyone.


The Marketplace will be the heart of Digital World Exchange, where the members of our global community are able to buy and sell product and services, accepting cryptocurrency as payment in a trusted and safe environment. This will be a fast-growing platform for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to be able to expand their reach, allowing for a new generation of economic growth for online and offline products and services.

Businesses will be able to create a storefront within the platform to connect with their customers, similarly to how Ebay and Amazon have business-within-business features, allowing for full digital business functionality and accounting.


Social Media is essential for successful business in the digital world. Our social media platform will be seamlessly integrated into the marketplace, allowing for a wide range of multimedia, community building, and sales-related communication. It will allow sub-communities to grow and flourish, in and out of context of the marketplace; we envision Digital World Exchange as a one-stop-shop where people go to socialize, browse, search, learn and buy.


One aspect of our growth strategy is affiliate marketing. This is one of the most successful business building strategies at this point in time, and we are therefore allocating 10% of our ICO funds to inspire our community to help us grow. We expect that affiliate marketing will help our community to grow fast, but perhaps more importantly, it will attract the right kind of person / business to our doors.


With the massive waves of new people coming into the crypto space, education is a vital part of our success strategy, allowing new users to feel confident doing business with us, as well as allowing for innovation and interaction.

Digital World Exchange ICO

Phase 1 offering - $1.00 a coin 1 million coins offered to the public ICO ($1,000,000)
Phase 2 offering - $2.00 a coin 5 million coins offered to the public ICO ($10,000,000)
Phase 3 Offering - $5.00 per coin 10 Million coins offered to the public ICO ($50,000,000)

Pre seed investors will get their coins at $1.00 per DWE. 

Pre seed investors will have the option to accept $1.00/DWE, or 1 DWE after ICO Raise is completed.
Total DWE in circulation: 16 Million + Pre seed Investor coins (~ 4 Million).

Total: 20 million DWE in circulation on Launch day.

Digital World Exchange will set aside DWE in an escrow wallet to be released at a later date (2 years or when DWE Coin price $25.00 a coin)

Total ICO Raise: $61,000,000

ICO Funds Allocation: 

PR and Marketing: $5 Million

Repayment of Pre-seed Investors: 5 Million Coin = $5,000,000

Affiliate Commission (10% of total ICO): $6.1 Million
Customer Support: $2 Million
Application Development, in-house programmers, Project Employees: $5 Million
Office Space: $500,000
Listings: $1 Million
Legal: $2.5 Million
Total Funds allocated from ICO: $27.1 Million
Remaining Company funds: $33.9 Million


Envisioned by Alexander Elbanna, CEO

Board of Directors

  1. Alexander Elbanna
  2. Akim Elanbassi
  3. Kevin Berry
  4. Robert Montoya
  5. Eddie DeVane
  6. Meg Montgomery
  7. Corey Mendel
  8. Juan Partida
  9. Lee Munch
  10. Meirion Jones
  11. Andreas Ross
  12. David Hall


Our founders have been in the crypto space since the first days of Bitcoin (2009). Having ridden the many waves of extreme volatility in the crypto world, we prioritize creating an absolute SAFE HAVEN in the Crypto Currency Paradigm for both new and experienced crypto users.

We believe that smaller transaction fees combined with lightning-fast transactions, allowing our community to maximize their transactions, is the winning business model.

Our software is proprietary and our team is in-house in the United States. This gives us the advantage of implementing the strictest layers of security to keep our users' funds and personal information safe and discreet. We are able to quickly resolve customer issues, and we are here to make your experience smooth and seamless.

Our business is global, but our service is 100% American, in house


Crypto currency is not only a means of doing commerce, but is also a store of value - similar to  precious metals. Value can be accumulated and stored in crypto wallets for later use.

It is more true today than ever before that businesses and governments are accepting cryptocurrencies as a valid measure of tradable value. Large corporations, including major banks, are jumping on the crypto bandwagon, and some are already launched their own crypto currencies – even as the very concept of a “bank” coin goes against the founding principles of the Bicoin and the Blockchain. Digital World Exchange is positioning itself at the vanguard, and pledges to turn problems into solutions that move the Cryptosphere forward.


Government regulators do not control the price of any digital asset; instead, the value is fully controlled by the market. This includes the intrinsic value, built into the structure of the crypto, and it also includes the people who interact with the currencies.

DWE will provide a quick and accurate system for transactions while maintaining complete accountability of the movement of crypto funds.


There is increasing movement in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin/USD, Litecoin/USD and other pairs are gaining wide use in commerce. Banks and large companies are stepping into the purchasing and offerings of cryptocurrencies to enhance their own assets and reduce the dependence on the US Dollar (USD) and other FIAT currencies. The international nature of business and the huge debt that the world has accumulated in recent years raises justified concern and warrants a solution. There is only one direction for cryptocurrency to go, and that is up. Digital World Exchange will make sure that our customers never miss out on opportunities.



  • High performance, stable and intuitive trading interface
  • Secure and scalable
  • Microservice infrastructure, supporting 3rd party services
  • KYC/AML integration
  • Automated Deposits & Withdrawals for Cryptocurrency and Fiat.
  • Order-book management system with real-time trading.
  • Highly customizable Front-End & Back-End.
  • Advanced fee management and double entry accounting.
  • Bank grade security and compatible with ISO-27001
  • Affiliate referral program & business intelligence tools.
  • Liquidity and Market making solutions.



  • To develop and promote best practices to minimize risk and deter illegitimate use of the exchange
  • To operate honestly and in a fully transparent way; disclosing pricing, fees, and any associated risks
  • To communicate to existing and prospective customers in a transparent, fair and professional manner.
  • To provide clear support and a complaint mechanism in order to identify the legal form of the business and management team, to provide a physical address of our office, and promptly inform our user-base of any material change to the business that would impact our customers.
  • To develop, initiate and maintain appropriate customer credentialing procedures to ensure, to the best of our ability, that customers are legitimate and not engaging in illegal activities.

As with any company, success comes from those that represent that company. An experienced, qualified team, with passion for the business, can handle more onerous tasks and finish these tasks promptly; giving five-star service to our customers, every time. Whether we are handling a complaint or forming a longstanding partnership, we will always do what we can to maintain these standards, without hesitation.


Many exchange platforms and accounts have been hacked in the past. Therefore, we want to ensure that our customers accounts are completely safe.


  • 2FA or 2-factor-authentication can easily be setup up by individuals who join our platform. The authenticator can be added to Chrome and downloaded on IOS and Android devices.
  • Log in emails and history. Whenever our users log into their accounts, an automated email is sent out. As an extra add-on, all the log in history is recorded and can be viewed through the profile section of a user’s account.
  • We have a dedicated page for withdrawal, deposit and trade histories. This allows our users to go through all their transactions at their convenience. If 2FA is activated, the user will need to authenticate every withdrawal made on our platform.
  • Emails are automatically sent out for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Traders can view all their order histories through a dedicated page named ‘Orders’. Whether it is a buy or sell or a trade has been executed or stopped, this feature will allow users to track every single order made on our platform. Open orders can also be viewed on this page.
  • Included on the ‘Orders’ page is the ability to cancel all orders. If you have several open trade orders and wish to cancel all, this can be achieved with a single click of a button
  • On our trade page, the Trading View Graph, Order Book, Buy & Sell functions, Market Depth, Open Orders and Recent Trades are all viewable on the same screen. This makes it easier for our traders to analyze all the data without hassle.

We believe in an easy way to withdraw your cryptocurrency, so we have added a feature to allow our users to add beneficiaries to their accounts. Once a withdrawal address and the beneficiary are added, our system will automatically email the user to let them know about this new addition and that address will be permanently saved for any future withdrawals.

Day and Night mode features allows our users to switch the website view from day to night. The screen can be changed to whichever sits easiest on the eyes. Full time traders can take the strain off their eyes by a simple click of a button if they need to switch modes.


Digital World Exchange will structure an Offering of Digital Assets or tokenized securities / crypto that can be offered to both US investors (per Regulation D) and non-US investors (per Regulation S) and make sure it satisfies state and federal securities laws. Digital World Exchange will be fully Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States of America. Our Site will be live when it is fully compliant with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. For now you may join our affiliate network. https://affiliates.digitalworldexchange.com/

Sections 4(a)(2) and/or 4(a)(5) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and pursuant to Rule 506(b) or 506(c) of Regulation D thereunder, and/or other applicable U.S. federal and U.S. state law exemptions; or o Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and pursuant to Regulation Crowdfunding thereunder.


Digital World Exchange is the Next-Gen solution for the Cryptocurrency paradigm. We have built our system using the state-of-the-art multi-sig encryption conforming, and we have established new standards for the industry. Our solution will be simple, yet secure, integrating DWE APIs, web and mobile products into any application.

Our goal is to overcome the imperfections of cryptocurrencies in our world and to grow into a global business entity. We have hired award-winning marketing strategists to help us along the way and to keep us on our toes as we emerge into this vast cryptocurrency space.